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the things I love

Posted on 07·09·2007 at 12:42

So back in 1997, I heard this song by this group called Underworld. It was on the Hackers soundtrack and I’d seen the video one late night on MTV. I was a big fan of Britpop who wanted to move to England and study Fashion Design at one of the top art schools then. I also was into electronic music so I looked for these guys on the internet and couldn’t find their official site anywhere.

Some two years later and it’s 1999, and they have a new single for their new album. I found the dirty list and the dirty site. I road 9 hours with a chick from school I hardly knew, but she had a car and I convinced her to go to the first ever Coachella Festival (now this 300,000 people, 3-day festival near Palm Springs that sells out every year) so I could see Underworld. It was my first time seeing them and I was changed, inspired. I wanted to do visual design. They had these jumbotron screens with text and imagery as the backdrop to their music.

And over the years from 2000-2002, I get in touch with their design firm, Tomato, whom I want to work for. I was doing Computer Science courses at the time (I figured I could do both), but when my professor said to pick a mentor, I was keeping in touch with Ant asking him questions in regards to what would I need to work to get to work with them. I saw Underworld again in San Francisco, no visuals this time beyond a bubble backdrop and green lasers.

{edit} : I was reminded we saw them in 2003 at Coachella. :) Old age and forgetfulness, methinks.

From 2003-2006, my love for Underworld kind of fades. I had a broken engagement, school and work, moving to Tucson, flunking out of Arizona, broken hearted, moving back, starting over again, looking for a school to finally do graphic design. I’m admitted into Sacramento Fall 2004 but don’t start school there until Spring 2005. Then the last two years have been working hard each semester then crash and burn at the end. Then Underworld started up the riverrun projects, doing broadcasts on their site, touring Europe and talks of a new album. And they brought back the Tomato visuals! I was still semi-excited about it…

This summer, I find that the dirty.org domain was sold and they are scheduled to play Central Park. Originally I was going to go to NYC for that but it’s a couple weeks into the semester and wanted to be able to see the city rather than just go for a couple of days just for the show. But then they added SF, and then another show. I bought a ticket for Friday, and I was unsure… until this week.

I’ve started to get in touch with friends in the area I’ve known for years because of the community. I’ve looked up old videos and Tomato books that first inspired me and still influence my work today. I got really excited yesterday when I found out there’s a possibility of meeting them on Saturday. To meet the people that have influenced me, my love for art, music, design, life and beauty, all these things make my heart race and bring a huge grin to my face. I just read about the weeklong seminar Tomato puts up every year that I hope to one day attend when I can pay the registration fee. I considered bringing my portfolio, even though it is in an incomplete state, but will settle with them signing a CD for me. I'm not a groupie, I'm not a hardcore fan, just someone who has a soundtrack to her life and a love for two individuals that have had a positive influence on me for the past 10 years.


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m. esquivel
calls taken dirtytomato , 2007-09-07 21:07 (UTC) (url)


I dunno about the time... I thought I read somewhere about 10 AM, I think. I'm going to be hanging out with biz and his girlfriend on Saturday and he was the one trying to arrange this. :) I will let you know and see you tonight!!!!!!!
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m. esquivel
calls taken dirtytomato , 2007-09-09 09:33 (UTC) (url)

Re: sigh

I agree. This year has been the best year of my life. I concluded that yesterday after leaving the show. Because of the bands I've seen, the places I have visited and the friends I've made. Yesterday night, I reverted back to my teeny bopper state of when I saw them at a mere 19 years of age and was inspired by that night on October 9, 1999. Here I am close to 30 and I still feel that way. :)
calls taken invaderru , 2007-09-09 06:30 (UTC) (url)
Ah 1997. I remember us back then. Britpop and moving to England. Oh how we dreamed.
m. esquivel
calls taken dirtytomato , 2007-09-09 09:37 (UTC) (url)
I still do!
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