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all these things in me

Posted on 09·09·2007 at 16:26
So at some point, I will have to come down off this high and get back to my work, life, school, routine, but let me have this moment. This is something I wish to preserve.

I concluded Friday night after the first of the Underworld shows that this has been the best year of my life. Of course, there have been down moments, but I successfully completed the first year of my program, have close friends I truly adore, got to travel to the city I hope to call home very soon, a new pet, and lots of shows. But something about seeing Underworld live again after 4 years, I feel my appreciation is different but on a level beyond just really liking the sound. The words of songs I've heard over the years, while the lyrics are the same, the images, story and interpretation have changed. Experiences and new knowledge and exposure to culture has played a significant role in the evolution of my love. I love music, lots of music, can't get enough of it, but with Underworld, I have respect for them. They harmonize mediums, and communicate through visuals, lyrics, melodies, rhythm, light, color, tones, textures, and the whole experience. In particular, when they perform live. The audience is just as significant to the art. It's not enough to sing, dance and cheer, but to live it. Invest in the motion, waves pulling you through different epochs, senses heightened, emotions electrified, lighting up faces with smiles, joy bursting at the seams, grinning from ear to ear at those climatic moments. I am very grateful to have been there both Friday and Saturday. Thank you Rick, Karl, Darren for coming back, thank you for being a source of inspiration, for all that you do... My muses, your work is a part of what makes it all worth it.

Forever in your debt,



calls taken xcheeseman , 2007-09-10 02:37 (UTC) (url)


just awesome
calls taken eikman , 2007-09-10 11:20 (UTC) (url)
the knuckleheads at cocoon club in frankfurt somehow messed up the ticketsale...first they were unavailable, now it's sold out.

shame, but i don't think they can beat last years show there anyway....
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